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Otto D'Agnolo

The Recording Artist

With 40+ years in the recording biz, Otto is a multi-platinum award winning engineer/ producer and an Emmy award winning songwriter.  His credits range from superstars to beginners.  Learn more.

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Erin Riley

Music Supervisor

Erin was born in NYC and moved to LA where she began her very influencial 40 year career in the radio industry where she was instrumental in choosing the hit songs for Major Market Radio playlists.


Brian Stubblefield

Technical Director

20+ years in event production and even more in the recording studio have prepared this master of his craft for the task of keeping this show on schedule. 

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Dani Cutler

Head of A&R

KWSS Program Director and On-Air personality, Dani Cutler brings her talent and style to the live webcasts by revealing the song to be recorded.  

Comments and Reviews

"Thank you so much!! I really did have the time of my life and so did the guys, thank you very much for having us. It was a really cool experience, one for the books!" - Jasmine Pigott, lead vocalist for Faun Flora

"The drum tutorials I watched were fascinating - thank you for posting those videos." - Lisa P., Subscribing Member

"The new Paper Foxes bleeds so much old school!...I love it!...what you are doing at TheRecordingArtist is freaking rad!" - Ryan B. Clark, author

"The Recording Artist experience has taught me to listen to music differently. I have a much greater appreciation, and better understanding of all the nuances that go into creating and recording a great song!" - Deb P., Subscribing Member

"I can NOT put into words how much fun this whole experience with The Recording Artist has been for me!" - Mike J., Subscribing Member

"Before recommending anything to you, I screen it first. I know you trust me to turn you on to only the best.   Well, folks - The Recording Artist  not only gets my seal of approval, it ranks as snooze you lose. So don’t !!!" - Ross Ojeda, former A&M Records Promotion Executive

"That was a blast...watching the mix down now! Otto D'Agnolo is a Weapon!!!" - David Marshall Bornhoft, drummer

"The Recording Artist is a must see in live streaming content.  Why? Ask yourself, what would it have been like to be a fly on the wall in a recording studio when some of the most successful musicians made music history? Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, Luciano Pavarotti, any type of music genre recorded. This program gives the viewer the opportunity to be that fly on the wall.  It's an inside look to what really goes on.  The awe-inspiring, show-stopping performances and distinctive personalities of each artist brings a "binge-watch" leaving the viewer wanting more and more." - Michelle Turley, Country Singer

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