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Is Michael Jackson really watching?

When members use our LIVE CHAT feature during our recording sessions, they can put any name on the screen they want and sometimes the names they pick are simply to be funny. In this case, the name was real but who would've thought! Just another entertaining moment from our weekly recording webcasts.

What can members do?

The Basic Membership allows you to watch all of our sessions live as they happen. The A&R Membership provides the benefits of the Basic Membership and also lets you be a part of the creative team that selects the bands and songs we record. A&R Members also get to LIVE CHAT with the band on our big screen TV in the studio during the webcast recording sessions.

Value Tip:

The price for our A&R Membership will constantly go up in an effort to limit the number of members at this level. But once you're in, your rate will never increase. Get in NOW to save money!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Head to the Plans & Pricing by clicking here!

  2. Select the Membership Level.

  3. Change or cancel anytime.

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1 Comment

Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson
Jul 12, 2021

Thanks Otto!

THIS Michael Jackson thanks you for the Blog & major FUN!


PS Hi to all of the TRA A&R Bloggers! Simply lovely to keep in touch this way, eh?!

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