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The EAGLE has landed! Number 5 has arrived!

Check out Episode #5 now, it's free to watch at EPISODE #5 and will be available on Amazon's Prime Video service in the coming days. Artists featured include longtime valley of the sun favorites, Brian Chartrand (who is accompanied by Lamar Gaines, Mario Mendivil and Todd Chuba) and Americana duo Megan and Shane (accompanied by Chad Martin and special guest Suzanne Lansford). Rounding out the trio of featured artists is up and comers Tracing Faces, four lads from the ASU's engineering school apparently with an identity crisis looming over head (watch to learn more).


We also had a little surprise announcement to share in Episode #5:

That's right, Courtney and her boyfriend got engaged while on vacation. I realize that'll break some hearts out there but here on the show we couldn't be happier!

Once you watch the episode, come back here and leave your thoughts.

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Aug 06, 2021

Agree with the above!

And Congratulations to Courtney and her beau! She brings such a great and vital element to the show!


This entire episode was sincere and genuine, from the conversations to the joyful reveal & all of the time in the studio. The personality of each band was artfully captured…and I can only imagine how tough it must be to whittle down three recording sessions to fit in one show. I’m so happy that Otto’s antics, wisdom, and guidance also come through to the audience in the show like they do in the live sessions. This episode rocked…looking forward to the next one already!

Otto D'Agnolo
Otto D'Agnolo
Aug 01, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Coakley23. We've gotten a few similar emails with people really loving this episode. Thanks for your comments! A lot of decisions go into "who" and "how much" of each artist to use in an attempt to keep it energized and captivating.

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