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Will Episode #8 EVER be up on Amazon?

Short Answer: yup

Long Answer: It's up on our site now and it has actually been uploaded to Amazon Prime. However, it isn't available on Amazon just yet. They and I have been going through a very slow conversation with tech support via email. It took three conversations to have them understand that their interface was having an upload problem relating to my account. With two to three days between each email back and forth, things have moved very slowly. They finally escalated my concern up the command ladder and found "a work around" so that the show would upload properly. Now we sit in the "review process" which again is automated but at least it's a step farther along than before I reached out to tech support. All things being as they should be, Episode #8 will probably be available on Amazon in the next day or week. :) It features The Bayou Bandits, let alone and Sugahbeat! All three sessions were a lot of fun and full of characters. Be sure to check it out HERE or soon an Amazon and leave your comments below. And thank you!

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