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Join date: Apr 11, 2021


Founding partner of Birdcage Records 1983-1989 handling press relations and radio promotion in the US for The Prime Movers culminating in their signing to Island Records UK. (seemed like a good idea at the time! lol)

Tour Manager for The Prime Movers in support of Big Country's "The Seer" tour through England and Scotland.

Currently keeping movie goers cool for Regency Theatres in Southern California and the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Husband to Margie whose great songs have been in our computer awaiting a proper mix for an embarrassingly long time! We are using Logic Pro X on an old Mac Pro with an Apogee Ensemble and in Studio B (bedroom) we have a Mac Mini M1 routing audio through a UAD Apollo Twin.

My love for music has faced challenges in recent times having been spoiled by the 60s & 80s but has seen a resurgence due to you folks at The Recording Artist with your fantastic creation and showcase of Arizona talent!

We hope to witness your expansion and success far into the future! Thank you for your work as and for artists!


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