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Even Leo and Hunter Approve!

It's always fun to edit the television version of our recording show. Trying to squeeze three bands (6 hours of recording time and 3 hours of rehearsal time) into a 30 minute show along with a little cast & crew interaction can be challenging. I am up for the challenge. Episode #5 is currently at 3Play Media (our closed captioning partners) and should be back to us by the end of the day Friday. After a quick review and edit process on our end, we'll upload the show to Amazon and to our website.

This episode features Tracing Faces who are a young pop band with two guys named Cole in the band. It got a little confusing but we tried to remedy the situation in the green screen interviews as you'll see in the episode. Also, Megan and Shane who were featured rehearsing in the last episode but had to cancel their session, finally get into the studio and get a surprise by my invitation of my good friend violinist Suzanne Lansford. Brian Chartrand rounds out the musical cast but his session brought some technical difficulties. Many of our long time members certainly recall (as demonstrated in Episode #1) that we had some streaming problems in the beginning. Once one was fixed, another popped up. Brian's session was our third week and we had problems with the audio dropping out for split seconds all through the show. All of that had to be repaired in post production so the glitches wouldn't distract from the incredible music performed by his fantastic band of local session cats.

As for the cast, we caught a few conversations during the recording sessions that seem to suffice for the needed interaction and one point in particular is very special. That's where Leo and Hunter come in, both of which are Courtney's dogs. Rather than spoil the scene I'll just leave it here incase you missed that session. Please do watch the show as soon as it's available and leave your comments below. I love keeping up with your thoughts here in the blog.

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