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I'm Pulling My Hair Out

Help! I need your input. I've been pulling my hair out trying to find the right catch phrase or tag line to post on the first page of the website. That might seem a silly thing to worry about but here's the problem. Engaging new members and strategic partners requires that I can explain "what we do" in a very short phrase. The only problem is that I usually need a paragraph or two! So I could use your feedback on the following choices. (Or if you have your own idea and you'd be willing to let me use it, throw it in the mix.) Before we vote let's consider these following facts:

1) Everyone here at The Recording Artist loves to do the live sessions.

2) The bands on the show overwhelmingly respond with tremendous support and thanks

3) Our active A&R Members seem nearly rabid (participating at every live session, meeting together for pizza parties and being responsible for purchasing almost all of the product that's been sold in our store so far!)

Since everybody involved from cast to crew to bands to members seems to really love the experience, I want to capture that, but I realize I only get a few words. I also have to express what we offer and what can be expected as the actual member experience. Obviously, this means I can't include all of these things as that requires too many words and instead I need to use a short phrase that expresses this whole experience EMOTIONALLY. Almost a metaphor for what we do. A comfy, edgy, info filled, emotional metaphor. Ultimately it should answer this question: "Why am I here at this website?"

Here are some that I've used in the past on the website.

Leaning on FUNCTION

Where Fans Help Bands Make Records

Where Fans Help Me Help Bands Make Records


An Independent Music Production Company Co-Managed By The Fans

Live Recording Sessions Weekly

Leaning on FUN

You and Me Making The World A Better Place

Make Records With Award Winning Producer/Engineer, Otto D Every Week.

Sign Up And Help Run The Show

The one I've most recently landed on is this:

Turn The Music Making World Into Your Own Fantasy Play Ground

It's a little long but it's fun, kinda describes what we do and I'm hoping you like it cuz I think it's the best I got.

Alright - go at it, add your thoughts your comments or your questions. Thank you so much for participating!

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